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John A. Sanford, NAMS CMS
ABYC Standards Certified
Principal Marine Surveyor

Serving Washington and Adjacent States
Cell: 425-941-6354

Available Services

Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Surveys:

These are performed to help a purchaser learn the true condition and value of a vessel. The survey report is composed of three main sections:
  1. An interior and exterior description of the vessel with a detailed inventory of major systems and equipment. Photos are generally appended to the beginning and end of the report.

  2. A valuation determination.

  3. A notes section, composed of the following: General Notes: Typically include reporting the general overall condition of the vessel, any special considerations or circumstances regarding the survey, specific criteria used and Service or Maintenance Notes. Priority Findings: A list of any Findings and Recommendations legally required or considered essential for the safe operation of the vessel. Findings and Recommendations: A list of all other Findings and Recommendations generally prioritized in order of importance as best possible.
The Pre-Purchase Condition and Valuation Survey report is also suitable for use by banks and insurance companies for finance or insurance underwriting purposes.

The survey will include operation of most systems and equipment as circumstances permit and with any necessary permission granted to determine apparent functional status, but equipment testing cannot be exhaustive.

Vessel types surveyed include pleasure boats and yachts both power and sail and certain commercial vessels, constructed of fiberglass, composite, welded steel, welded aluminum and certain types of wood vessels.

Condition and Valuation Surveys:

These surveys are typically performed at the request of vessel owners, for refinance, insurance renewals, or to learn the current condition and value of their vessels. This report is the same format as the Pre-Purchase Survey report.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Surveys:

These surveys are typically conducted on the hull underbody below waterline on steel or aluminum vessels to determine current hull thickness and material wastage. These surveys can be conducted separately or as an addition to a Condition and Valuation survey, and has its own report format.

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